Why I’m Running for Plymouth City Commission

I’m running for Plymouth City Commission because I want to make smart decisions for our community.

I’m extremely proud to call Plymouth my home. Plymouth is vibrant, quintessentially small-town America, and truly the gem of Michigan. Over the past decade or so, Plymouth has undergone immense growth and vitalization, but this also challenges us to create coherent and positive citywide plans. I want to use my background as a detail-oriented communicator and problem solver to promote our culture of community that we value so dearly. To accomplish this, I plan to focus on these key points as a Commissioner:

Transparency Through Explanation

I will explain all of my votes as a Commissioner in writing on this page. It is important that as a representative for the residents of Plymouth that I not only make smart and positive decisions, but that I explain my reasoning.

Increasing Communication and Participation

While the Plymouth City government has dutifully and admirably provided this community with good services, I believe that more can be accomplished with improved dialogue between the City Commission and the Boards, but also with the residents. I will work to  facilitate better exchange of information by attending Board and Sub-Committee meetings regularly, while working to increase resident participation in these open meetings.

Applying Metrics

As Plymouth grows and changes, new ordinances and regulations are instated for well-meaning causes. I plan to utilize my data-driven background to introduce tools that tell us if these changes are indeed having the intended purpose.

About Nick

I’ve been a Plymouth resident since 2013, when Leigh, my wife, and I purchased our first home. I grew up in Northville, graduated from Northville High School, then studied physics and math at Albion College. I then earned degrees in mechanical engineering and materials science engineering from the University of Michigan, and completed my PhD in materials science engineering in 2017 also from the University of Michigan.

My passion has been the development of new technologies for manufacturing, specifically, the innovation of new materials. This led me towards a career as an entrepreneur. In 2010 I co-founded CSquared Innovations, a University of Michigan advanced battery and materials manufacturing spin-off. I co-invented the technology to develop thin-film lithium ion batteries, helped raise significant capital, and created a series of well-paying jobs. I then became the president of Breakthroughs for Humanity Management, Inc., a research and development firm focusing on commercializing disruptive clean energy innovations for fuel management, plastics recycling, and hydrogen production. Currently,  I am the Chief Technical Officer and founding member of Detroit Materials. At Detroit Materials I co-invented an ultra-high strength steel that can be cast into complex and thin-wall shapes, which is ideal for lightweight structures in the automotive, industrial, and defense industries. I also co-founded Detroit Bat Company, which produces vintage baseball bats in the style of the 1860’s to 1880’s and is located in Plymouth.

I’m proud to be a small business owner, entrepreneur, and innovator, but I’m more proud that I’ve developed these enterprises here in Southeast Michigan.

In my spare time I enjoy playing vintage baseball at the Henry Ford as a Lah-De-Dah or as a Red Rover, the 1867 team that hailed from Plymouth which I helped resurrect 3 years ago. I’m also an avid runner, though mainly for competition.


Every Sunday I will be knocking on doors to introduce myself and also to get feedback from neighbors on city government issues.

This Sunday, 8/206, I will be out and about from 2-6 pm in Precincts 1 and 2.

If you’d like to join me please contact me or show up at 240 Burroughs St. before 2pm.