Keep it Going!

I’m running for reelection because I’m proud of the work that I’ve accomplished over the past 3+ years with my fellow Commissioners and City Administration. I’ve focused on  listening to residents’ concerns and acting to help people in the City while keeping the culture of Plymouth as the guiding North Star. 

The pandemic has challenged all of us, but we kept the City open throughout the ordeal. City services have been prioritized and we’ve even found ways to improve our infrastructure, stay on a balanced budget, and bring a lot of joy through new events to Plymouth.

I’m looking forward to leading Plymouth out of the pandemic in a safe and effective manner, with our sights set on an even more vibrant City. We’re the best small city in America and I plan to keep that going!

Here’s a short list of the accomplishments that I’m most proud of:

2017 – Adopted Tree Ordinance 

2017 – Worked with DTE to secure more than $6M of infrastructure investment after major fire on Farmer St. Service has greatly improved.

2018 – New City-Wide Master Plan adopted in September that highlights walkability, parks and recreation, and improvements to our streets.

2018 – Community Wide Recreation Master Plan. 

2019 – Led passage of $12M road bond millage package to fund much needed street improvements, bike lanes, and pedestrian crossings.

2020 – Rooftop Seating Ordinance adopted. 

2020 – DDA Master Plan 

2020 – Upgraded City Web Site and converted to new link. 

2020 – Pivoted Memorial Day Parade, 4th of July, and Santa Celebration in City due to COVID.

2020 – Funded phase one repairs to the Massey Field Lights through a grant from Wayne County

2019 – Pulte begins development on 10 acres of old Bathey Site. 

2020 – Approved PUD for Saxton’s site & sold a portion of the property. 

2020 – Starkweather School Development began occupying apartments. 

2020 – Converted parking spaces to additional outdoor restaurant seating. 

2020 – Installed 15 minute carry out pick up parking spaces. 

2020 – Install bike lanes on South Main Street 

2020 – Street repairs on Dewey, Farmer, Junction, Theodore, Evergreen 

2020 – Installed new Pedestrian leading push button signals Main & Ann Arbor Trail 2020 – Installed new rapid flashing pedestrian beacons at Main & Hartsough. 2020 – Installed new pedestrian HAWK Signal on Mill Street at Park 

2020 – Installed new 4 Way Stop on Starkweather at Farmer 

2020 – Converted all public meetings to Zoom platform.

2021 – Approved updated Kellogg Park Fountain, to be named the Wilcox Fountain, with $1M gift from Wilcox Foundation


About Nick

I currently serve as the Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Plymouth. I’m honored to have this responsibility and dedicate my time to being a servant leader for the residents and staff. I’ve greatly enjoyed my first term on the Commission and am very proud of all of the accomplishments of the team. I’ve been liaison to the Planning Commission and currently serve as liaison to the School Board.

I’ve been a Plymouth resident since 2013, when Leigh, my wife, and I purchased our first home. I grew up in Northville, graduated from Northville High School, then studied physics and math at Albion College. I then earned degrees in mechanical engineering and materials science engineering from the University of Michigan, and completed my PhD in materials science engineering in 2017 also from the University of Michigan. Our beautiful and rambunctious daughter Zoe was born in 2019 in Plymouth!

My passion has been the development of new technologies for manufacturing, specifically, the innovation of new materials. This led me towards a career as an entrepreneur. In 2010 I co-founded CSquared Innovations, a University of Michigan advanced battery and materials manufacturing spin-off. I co-invented the technology to develop thin-film lithium ion batteries, helped raise significant capital, and created a series of well-paying jobs. I then became the president of Breakthroughs for Humanity Management, Inc., a research and development firm focusing on commercializing disruptive clean energy innovations for fuel management, plastics recycling, and hydrogen production. Currently,  I am the Chief Technical Officer and founding member of Detroit Materials. At Detroit Materials I co-invented an ultra-high strength steel that can be cast into complex and thin-wall shapes, which is ideal for lightweight structures in the automotive, industrial, and defense industries. I also co-founded Detroit Bat Company, which produces vintage baseball bats in the style of the 1860’s to 1880’s and is located in Plymouth.

I’m proud to be a small business owner, entrepreneur, and innovator, but I’m more proud that I’ve developed these enterprises here in Southeast Michigan.

I am the Director of Entrepreneurial Practice at the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan where I lead a series of co-curricular programs for students that help them launch entrepreneurial careers.

In my spare time I enjoy playing vintage baseball at the Henry Ford as a Lah-De-Dah or as a Red Rover, the 1867 team that hailed from Plymouth which I helped resurrect 7 years ago. I’m also an avid runner.